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I cannot get enough of Broad City right now! Check out this for real message from Ilana Glazer!!
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Zoom NEW BLOG POST FEMME SEX WEEK: Additions to the Queer Lexicography
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Repeat after me: All humans are worthy of sexual adoration exactly as they are.

Not after they lose X amount of pounds. Not if they wear specifically enhancing or minimizing lingerie. Not if they develop a sexual prowess beyond their years. Not if they downplay the amount of people they have slept with.

Adopting this mantra will help you be a supportive and caring person to every lover you have regardless of size, ability, age, etc…

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I’ve been asked by people on different ends of the fat lover spectrum about advice being a good ally. From the “My lover doesn’t see how beautiful she is and won’t have sex with the lights on,” to the “My lover uses the term fat to describe themself but I’ve always thought of that as a derogatory word… isn’t it?” For FAT SEX WEEK I’ve highlighted some of the best ways to be a good ally to your fat lover. This is all from my limited perspective, you should obviously be in good communication with your lover to find out what works for them and how they operate in the world. Communication is an essential sex toy! This advice applies to folks of all sizes, not just thinner folks partnered (in all the myriad ways one can partner) with fat folks. And a lot of it is good advice for sex in general, regardless of whether or not your partner is fat.
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Zoom New Blog Post at— FAT SEX WEEK: Courtney Trouble’s New Porn “Lesbian Curves”
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Tuck Mayo's Strap-On Narrative

A lot of earnest queer sexploits happening in this blog post. Clickie the link!

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Me to Bridget: “You have so much swag and hotness that it feels like a waste if you’re not getting laid.”

Bridget to me: “Craft me that on somethin w/ glitter, then make one for yourself too.”

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I think it is hella relevant to let folks know that Barbara Carrellas is doing a sex magic fireplay ritual at Rebel Cupcake on Thursday. So get ready with your intention for your sex life and bring that in your heart to RC. See you then!

And p.s. the event is on Fetlife if you want to do some pre-cruising. PM me for the link.

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Zoom This is how I got monogamous last time.

This is how I got monogamous last time.

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Zoom I am pocketing this thank you card. Sure to be useful.

I am pocketing this thank you card. Sure to be useful.

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