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Hey NYC! PRIME is this Saturday night! The queer party for grown folks. 

At Jack
505 1/2 Waverly, Brooklyn
C train to Clinton/Washington

$10after midnight
PRIME, as always, is the queer party dedicated to people over 30. However, we welcome all queer peoples who are old enough to drink. PRIME is going strong into its 2nd year. Come see what it’s all about!

DJ Noa D is known for keeping queers dancing until the lights come up!

Mizz June will be there too. With her secret special shots!

Drae Campbell is hosting and making you feel comfortable. As always. 

*There will be A/C, Gender Neutral Bathrooms and cold beverages.

*JACK and its bathrooms are wheelchair accesible.
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Marita & Loren's backyard Sunday queer and trans wedding

This is such an amazing queer/trans wedding story!!

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Look at all these babes! I love elastic lines like that on the lingerie dress! So hot!



Going to miss dancing with femmeasfuck when she leaves for the states tomorrow

I can’t believe it’s SO SOON. Freaking out trying not to think of all the things that could go wrong!!!

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My girlfriend was like, “I want to do a chemo karaoke video for my birthday” and then it turned into a whole professional music video shoot with no budget. Not pictured—gluten free low sugar cupcakes I made and the craft services table. 


Today I present to you, my greatest level of shenanigan achievement yet - CHEMO KARAOKE!!! Check out the video and please share!!  Special thanks to Craig Dentrone and Punched In The Head Productions for the amazing editing work, to Jen Heck, Rena Siwek, A. Sayeeda Clarke, Stacey Swimme, and Bevin Branlandingham for their behind the scenes work to make this all come together with a budget of zilcho dollars. And thanks to all my friends who came and helped make this one of the most spectacular events of my life.

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I cannot get enough of Broad City right now! Check out this for real message from Ilana Glazer!!
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Check out my girlfriend’s head shaving party prior to losing her hair from chemo! Also aren’t her friends totally hot??? 


HEAD SHAVING PARTY - Rather than waiting for chemo to take my hair, I decided to do it on my own terms. With the help of Khane Kutzwell at, and a bunch of my buddies cheering me on, I got a design imprinted in my head that makes goin bald a lot more fun.

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Today is my day on the The Happy Healthy Lesbian telesummit! You can live stream an interview with me where I share baby steps to love your body and how my Femme identity helped me learn to love the body I’m in! It’s FREE, available for 48 hours and you have to sign up to get it! 

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Zoom Join me and eight other happy and healthy queer women for the inaugural Happy Healthy Lesbian Telesummit 20 – 24 Jan.

Join me and eight other happy and healthy queer women for the inaugural Happy Healthy Lesbian Telesummit 20 – 24 Jan.

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Marriage is like a chlorinated community pool that we now have access to. I think that people forget that queers have been swimming in the ocean the whole time. We have always had to be creative about how we create our love relationships and, now that we don’t have to be creative, I hope we still can be.

Bevin via Marriage Isn’t A Coupon You Have to Redeem | Autostraddle (via autostraddle)

I’m on Autostraddle talking about gay marriage!

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