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Winter really calls for Power Cuddling. Lovers, friends, animal companions. Cuddlecore.

01.29.13 5

My day has been improved by bluegrass style hootie and the blowfish / darius rucker tribute. I love a bluegrass tribute, I really love Hootie & the Blowfish.

01.15.13 3

I’m gonna put this dream in motion.

01.06.13 2

This song has been running through my head for a long time

12.17.12 2

This song is hot.

12.10.12 0

My motto’s always been “When it’s right, it’s right.”

12.08.12 1

I woke up with Balland Of A Ladyman in my head.

12.05.12 7

This goes out to all the people who ever broke my heart.

12.03.12 2

Do you believe in what you see?

11.20.12 6