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QueerPorn.TV Rebel Cupcake takeover! One night only, February 28, 2012 at Sugarland in Brooklyn. Don’t miss this amazing dance party. NSFW photo booth with Courtney Trouble, VIPP lounge with Billy Castro and Tina Horn, porn giveaways and more! All the info is on the event page here!

And check out the epic mission of QueerPorn.TV!! 


As diy punks, we value community, and believe that the relationships cultivated by art and work and shared vision contribute to rich creative experience and higher quality production


As poltically-minded artists, we believe in using sexually explicit media as a platform for documentingand archiving the sexual expression of the disenfranchised (ie those who don’t see their bodies, gender, desires, lifestyle, or erotic pastimes represented in culture or media)

As feminists, we believe that our work is essentially revolutionary because the female queer gaze is a radical tool to exploit the pornographic medium


As queers, we believe in reinforcing an open definition of Queer as an all-inclusive, empowering identity for EVERY HUMAN.
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