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Signal boosting for Gina DeVries!!


After much urging from friends & mentors, I’m starting an Indie-Go-Go campaign to get myself out of $8,000 (yikes) of combined medical & dental debt. Please consider donating — no amount is too small, and every bit helps. If you’re not able to make a monetary donation, please consider spreading the word about this campaign. Re-post, share, blog, tweet about it, etc. Every single bit of help is deeply appreciated.

EDITED ON JULY 20TH 2012 AT 4:40PM TO ADD: Oh my stars & garters, people! It’s been not even 24 hours since I launched this campaign, and I’m already at over $1,100 (over an eighth of the way there!). This is fucking incredible. I’m so touched by your generosity of spirit. Please keep spreading the word. Remember that no contribution is too small, and that signal boosts are just as vital & helpful as financial contributions.

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    Signal boosting for Gina DeVries!!
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    Please check this one out. Gina de Vries, on top of being one of the finest and sweetest people it has ever been my...
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    Upping the bandwidth — many of you know Gina’s work as an artist and activist (and if you don’t, then Google “Gina de...
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