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I was trying to explain to someone my “type” last night and I went on a long tangent about good use of accessories. Majestic could teach a master class on brooches. Look at the way this faux lavender rose is positioned to perfectly mock boutonnieres but really Bring Fancy. And the brooch at the collar. Genius.


this outfit created so much incitement today, which was scary in certain moments but also really funny and sad for the boring people who couldn’t deal. it’s usually macho-acting men and young boys who find me the most threatening for some reason. perhaps its because i live to destroy/make a mockery of what they are putting down while looking cuter, fucking a lot (and well), eating full fat everything and laughing my ass off while my thunder thighs carry me down the street. 

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    I have kind of gone madly in love with this person. And by kind of I mean OW MY HEART OH JESUS WHY ISN’T EVERYONE THIS...
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    this outfit.
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    I wish to be this bold and fabulous.
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    Mmmajestic always looks great. Serpent pin with a leather vest? Awesome. They tear down gender restrictions like no...